About the Author

Author : PKen Gooi
Birth month: January's baby
Gender : Male
Primary's School : SJK(C) Pai Teik
Secondary's School : Jit Sin High School
Pre-u : Kedah Matriculation College
Hobby : Blogging, singing, watching drama and movies, reading, gaming...


  • Singers : Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Rainie Yang, Jay Chow, A-lin
  • Groups : Mayday, Sodagreen, TF Boys
  • K-pop : SNSD, EXO, Super Junior, EXID, T-ara
  • Songs : Gee, Lion Heart, You think, Monster, Growl, Hoot, Paparazzi, Flower power... (LOL I know it's all about SNSD) 
  • Books : Percy Jackson, 爱情两好三坏, Secrets...
  • Genre of Movies : Action, Horror, Romance, Magic...
  • Quote : Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. Confucius 
  • Games : Metal Gear Solid, Maple Story SEA, Audition SEA, Takken...
Wishes : I wish I can be traveler and travel around the world.  


I'm perfect in my imperfections, happy in my pain, strong in my weaknesses and beautiful in my own way cause I'm me.
I'm just an ordinary boy.

Thank you very much!

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